10 Engagement Gifts Ideas For a Truly Special Moment

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The time of congratulating on the phone has passed and now it is time for the real party! If you have been invited to celebrate your friend’s engagement you are probably  looking for the perfect gift.  You have come to the right place since we already have some things in mind and are ready to share them.

Scroll through our 10 engagement gift ideas and choose the best for your soon-to-be-married friend.

Since your friends are starting a new life together, you could help them settle in by giving them something useful for their new home – essential dinnerware. Don’t go with something too ordinary, though. We suggest designer dinner sets, which are just as practical as they are beautiful.

Every celebration requires a decent amount of champagne! And what is the best occasion to celebrate than love? Hopefully, each day of your friend’s marriage will feel as full of peace and joy as a holiday and therefore every day is going to be a new occasion for a glass of champagne. Give your newlywed friends a set of beautiful designer champagne glasses and let them praise every special moment of their marriage.  A bottle of the sparkling wine would make a great addition to the present.

  • Champagne Cooler

If you think that some of the other guests might also be going for the abovementioned champagne glasses, but still want to offer a champagne related gift, this cooler is the perfect alternative. Furthermore, it can also be used as a vase or bowl for holding various items.


  • Personalized doormat

One more essential item for the new family home is the doormat, which outlines the shared property. Order a personalized doormat with the couple’s last name and let it be the first step of showing them to the world as a family. From now on their neighbours and everyone else will know them that way.


  • Special family cookbook

According to an old saying, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And we probably all agree delicious food impresses women just as much as men. That is why we consider cookbooks the best-loved novels of all times. Give your newlywed friends their own luxurious cookbook edition, so they can cook and taste something new every day.


Life could never be “too” sweet, especially for a newly married couple. Since sweetness should always stand out, we suggest a stylish cake stand that would do the job fantastically. The couple could use it for the wedding ceremony, but also for decorating their home.

  • Weekend for two

One thing no one talks about when it comes to weddings is stress. However, newlyweds are constantly busy organising both their wedding ceremony and future life, and that puts tension on them. You can help your friends deal with stress by giving them a relieving experience. A gift card for a couple’s spa therapy can recharge their batteries and do wonders before the wedding.


  • Picnic basket for two

Speaking of experiences, nothing is more romantic than a picnic in nature. Invest in a nice picnic basket and you might even create a new family tradition that will last. Romantic picnics may turn into frequent trips for the whole family.

  • Linen bed sheets

Linen is soft, natural and allows the skin to breathe. That’s why we consider it as the best material for bed sheets ever made. If one thing is for sure, it is that every newlywed couple will need good quality sheets. What we recommend, is to go for the designer ones that will not only be soft, smooth and cozy but will also decorate their family bedroom.


  • Engraved cake servers

The cake is one of the most important things at any wedding ceremony. The other two essentials, of course, are the newlyweds. So, why don’t you put their names on the cake attributes? No matter how sweet and delicious the cake is, it will quickly leave the couple with nothing but a memory of it. Pretty cake servers can last forever, though. Engrave them with your friend’s names and they could serve as a decoration and reminder of their love and also the reminders of the cake.

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Engagements are the beginning of a brand new life with the most loved person. It is a promise of happiness, but also a promise of caring, worrying and understanding. That’s why the couple is going to need as much support as possible from their friends and families. Be there to encourage them in every possible way.  We hope our list of ideas has helped you find the best way to symbolize your love and support for the new family.

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